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At the end of the year....


…the KING want's to thank you.

It was a wonderful and very special year for us.
We've made so many new friends.
We've played many of shows.

Your support and response was so overwhelming and therefore the KING and we want to thank you.

For the upcoming X-Mas holidays HAMMER KING was chosen as one of the 100 best Heavy Metal albums in 2015.
To be more precise, with place number 48, "Kingdom Of The Hammer King" is one of the best out of 50!

Thererfore we offer you a special deal:
Use the coupon code "KINGMAS" in our online store for 20% discount on our album (CD only).
The campaign ends on January 15th in 2016.

Link to: Listen To The King on Youtube.com

What else to say…..?

We're working hard on the KING's second album and have nearly finished the preproduction.
The studio is booked and we're looking forward to a release date in late 2016.
There is more Truth, more King and more Hammer to comme!

Have some hammerous holidays and let's meet in 2016.


50.000 views reached

Screenshot Youtube

Official video "Kingdom Of The Hammer King" has reached 50.000 views"

The KING is proud to announce that the first official video "Kingdom Of The Hammer King" has reached more than 50.000 views.

As we promised in our "Listen To The King - Part IX" from now on we're working on plans for a new video in addition to our upcoming new album.

Thank you for watching, liking and sharing this video.

You're awesome!